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December 21, 2022

Kimball International Announces WELL Certified™ Platinum for Corporate Headquarters

Kimball International announces that its corporate headquarters in Jasper, Indiana, has earned WELL Certified™ Platinum through the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). Earlier this year, Kimball International was one of the first furniture manufacturers to have multiple corporate showrooms obtain the WELL Health-Safety Rating.... Read More

November 16, 2022

Kimball International Joins HealthTrust Group Purchasing Organization

Kimball International announces five of its brands will join HealthTrust with a five year contract, effective December 1, 2022. HealthTrust, a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), provides product solutions that lower expenses and improve outcomes.... Read More

November 09, 2022

Kimball International Wins Two Innovation by Design Awards from Fast Company

Kimball International has won two Innovation by Design Awards from Fast Company. Now in their 11th year, these awards recognize the world’s leading efforts in design and Kimball International is proud to be recognized in two categories.... Read More

November 07, 2022

Kimball International Wins Nightingale Award for EverySpace Product

Kimball International is proud to announce that its EverySpace product has been honored with a Silver Nightingale Award in the Furniture Collections category at this year’s Healthcare Design Conference + Expo (HCD).... Read More

November 04, 2022

Kimball International Included in Best-in-State Employers Forbes List for 2022

Kimball International, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been named to Forbes’ list of “Best-in-State Employers” for 2022. ... Read More

October 31, 2022

Kimball International Adds New Product Solutions Designed to Spark Connections

We are excited to announce new additions to our portfolio that support workplace, heath, and education markets.  ... Read More

October 05, 2022

Kimball International Announces New Boston Showroom Location

Debuting in late summer of 2023, we are excited to announce that our Boston Showroom will be relocating to 281 Summer Street. The 12,500 square-foot space will showcase our workplace and health brands (Kimball, National, Etc., Interwoven, and Poppin). ... Read More

September 15, 2022

Kimball International Releases 2021 ESG Report Detailing Efforts to Build a More Sustainable Future

Our 2021 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, “Crafting a Sustainable Future,” details Kimball International’s ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices and leading the way as a socially responsible company. ... Read More

September 14, 2022

Kimball International Announces Pop-up New York City Showroom Location

Opening in mid-October, this pop-up showroom is located in the heart of Manhattan, NY. It brings our workplace brands (Kimball, National, Etc., Interwoven, and Poppin) into the New York market and will showcase our workplace, healthcare, and education focused furniture solutions. ... Read More

August 10, 2022

Kimball International Hosts “Ignite Your Senses” Event in Atlanta

Kimball International hosted a multisensory event, focused on igniting senses and sparking creativity. ... Read More

May 16, 2022

Kimball International Launches New Product Solutions for Workplace, Health, and Education Markets

Informed by research, these new introductions were designed and developed to support environments for today, and tomorrow.... Read More

September 07, 2022

“Listen with Your Skin” – Alternative Design Releases New Episode

In a design industry where sound is often viewed as a distraction, how can we embrace it as a design tool that could create better human experiences for everyone? ... Read More

July 25, 2022

Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast Releases Limited Edition Soundtrack Vinyl Record

Staying true to their roots while also embracing current trends, Kimball International builds on its historic reputation of making “music for the millions” and developed this unique soundtrack to accompany its podcast.... Read More

June 13, 2022

Kimball International Features New Products and Color Therapy During the 2022 Chicago Show

We invite guests to our flagship Chicago showrooms to experience new product solutions, see sneak peeks of upcoming introductions, and be immersed in color therapy to recharge and relax.... Read More

May 25, 2022

Kimball International Announces New Chicago Showroom Location in Fulton Market District for 2023

We are excited to announce that we have chosen to relocate our Chicago showroom for 2023 to the Chicago Fulton Market District. This space will be an experience hub where the design community, our customers, and CRE partners can come to not only be inspired by the products, solutions, and resources that we have to offer, but also create connections.... Read More

August 17, 2022

"Ignite Your Senses" - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

How can the 5 senses be integrated to create a more welcoming and efficient workplace? LEARN MORE... Read More

July 06, 2022

"Paper Sanctuaries" - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

In this episode of the alternative design podcast, we're talking about the world's forgotten victims, also known as climate refugees.... Read More

June 07, 2022

"The Mix Tape Vol.1” - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

We know that 80's throwbacks are having a moment right now, and so in the spirit of the retro trend we decided to make you a mix tape. It's essentially our greatest hits album of our most alternative, boundary breaking design ideas that we explored in Season 1.... Read More

April 29, 2022

“Beyond Access” – Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

In this episode, we discuss how the built environment can go “beyond access” to embrace equity and support differences.   ... Read More

April 22, 2022

“Give the Buildings Carbon” – Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

What if the answer to reclaiming our atmosphere lies in using more concrete? Join us as we discuss the power of design specification as a promising solution for climate change in Episode 11.... Read More

March 02, 2022

Kimball International Announces WELL Health-Safety Rating for Multiple Corporate Showrooms

Our Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles showrooms have earned the WELL Health-Safety Rating through the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).... Read More

February 21, 2022

Kimball International Launches Sustainability Data Portal and Green Standards Program

Kimball International announces solutions that contribute to sustainability, from the initial design and specification steps through the end-of-life furniture cycle.... Read More

March 07, 2022

“Vessels of Light” – Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

In this episode, we are debunking some of the most popular myths about color and exploring how it can be personalized to support emotional, mental, and physical healing in the Metaverse.... Read More

February 08, 2022

Two Financial Property Company Works with National to Redesign Lobby

Lincoln Property Company worked directly with National to redesign the Two Financial Center lobby, which straddles the Leather District and Financial District in Boston.... Read More

February 07, 2022

"Actions That Open the Heart" - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

In Episode 9, we explore an architectural experiment in the middle of the Nevada desert known as the Burning Man Project.... Read More

February 03, 2022

National’s Portfolio Provides Solutions for New SOVA Innovation Hub

The SOVA Innovation Hub was created to spark economic transformation by bringing business and education partners together, in one space.... Read More

February 03, 2022

Ignite Professional Studies Program Selects National Products for New Learning Center

The Ignite Professional Studies program was introduced by Bentonville Schools to provide students with real, relevant learning experiences.... Read More

February 03, 2022

National Featured in Snead State Community College Renovations

With a mission to provide educational opportunities that enhance the quality of life for the community, Snead State Community College was founded in 1898.... Read More

January 13, 2022

Collective 615 Selects National to Outfit New Their Coworking Space

Kathy Thomas created Collective 615, a coworking space dedicated to building a community of female entrepreneurs. The essence of her vision was to create a comfortable, woman-centric atmosphere that would enhance the lives of those that utilized the environment.... Read More

December 16, 2021

Eklund Named Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Honoree

Interior Design's Best of Year (BoY) is the design industry's premiere awards program. Honoring the most significant work of the year, as well as recognizing designers, architects, and manufacturers from around the globe, BoY has become the ultimate measure of excellence.... Read More

November 15, 2021

Eklund Wins Metropolis Likes Award

Each year, Metropolis Magazine editors choose the best of all new products that were featured during NeoCon. This year, Eklund took home top honors with a Metropolis Likes award. Standouts in varied categories are honored with this distinction. Winners include those that push boundaries of manufacturing technology, enable versatility, and embody sustainability more than ever before.... Read More

October 12, 2021

Introducing New Product Enhancements Tailored to Add Comfort to the Workplace

National announces new product enhancements that bring additional comfort and design versatility to workplace environments. By adding home-like furnishings, workspaces reflect personal preferences and individuality. This shift creates spaces that are inspiring and welcoming. National’s new lounge-focused product solutions bring the warmth of home into the workplace.... Read More

October 04, 2021

Kimball International, Inc. Showcases Products in Two Showrooms During the 2021 Chicago Show

Kimball International invites guests to visit both of its showroom spaces during the Chicago Show. With dozens of new product introductions and enhancements featured throughout the showrooms, guests will see Kimball International’s collection of brands come together in Perfect Harmony.... Read More

September 09, 2021

"Get Out of Jail With Freedom" - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode eight of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. In this Season Finale episode, entitled “Get Out of Jail with Freedom,” we explore design and construction options for carceral facilities.... Read More

August 17, 2021

Partnership with Material Bank Simplifies Sampling for A+D Audience

National products and surface materials can now be found by architects and designers on Material Bank, the world's largest material marketplace of its kind.... Read More

July 19, 2021

Announcing New Product and Surface Material Additions

National announces new introductions that support evolving environments and dynamic spaces. These key product enhancements were designed to meet today’s workplace needs and maximize productivity. The surface material additions were developed to offer trending solutions for design-driven spaces.... Read More

June 03, 2021

Kimball International Achieves the WELL Health-Safety Rating for Corporate Headquarters

Kimball International announced that it has earned the WELL Health-Safety Rating for its recently renovated Headquarters Campus in Jasper, Indiana, through the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI™). The WELL Health-Safety Rating is an evidence-based, third-party-verified rating for all new and existing building and space types. The rating takes into account operational policies, maintenance protocols, stakeholder engagement, and emergency plans to address a post-COVID-19 environment now and into the future.... Read More

June 02, 2021

Kimball International Plants 20,000 Trees Across the U.S.

From responsible wood procurement to waste reduction at all our facilities, Kimball International’s commitment to sustainability is a core tenet that drives our decisions and shapes our growth. Throughout April, in honor of Earth Day, we joined together as a community to demonstrate that commitment and take action in a variety of ways to preserve our planet and reduce our communities’ environmental impact.... Read More

May 18, 2021

Kimball International Outfits Majority of the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center

The Thyen-Clark Cultural Center and the Jasper-Dubois County Public Library chose Kimball International products to be featured in their 67,000 square foot superstructure. The facility partnered with the Kimball, National, and Etc. brands of Kimball International to outfit a variety of spaces.... Read More

August 03, 2021

"Pop-Ups to Breakdown Stigmas" - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode seven of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. Entitled "Pop-Ups to Breakdown Stigmas," this episode challenges us to prioritize the fitness of our minds and our emotions.... Read More

May 17, 2021


PoppinPro is Poppin's first ever dealer program, designed specifically for Kimball International's dealer partners.... Read More

July 12, 2021

“Sacred Storytelling for Symbiotic Survival” - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode six of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. Entitled “Sacred Storytelling for Symbiotic Survival,” this episode investigates how seemingly unsophisticated, nature-based technologies could actually hold the key to solving climate change.... Read More

June 07, 2021

"Waking Up on Mars" - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode five of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. Entitled “Waking Up on Mars,” this episode goes beyond the current exploration of Mars to unveil the first potential settlement on the Red Planet.... Read More

March 12, 2021

Evolving Learning Spaces

National offers a human-centered approach to reintegrating into learning spaces. By intensely focusing on wellness and providing solutions that enable the evolution of education, we can meet the needs of entire educational facilities.... Read More

May 03, 2021

“Swimming in Sprinkles” - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode four of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. Entitled “Swimming in Sprinkles,” this episode dives into experiential design and how this immersion can create memorable experiences in workplace, retail, and education environments. ... Read More

February 18, 2021

Considerations for the New Workplace

National understands that companies need the ability to shift, grow, and resize their spaces as employees are reintegrated into physical offices and habits become established.... Read More

January 12, 2021

100% of Products in CET, 96% have Smart Symbols

At National, we are dedicated to providing tools that save time and make specifying our products an easy process. We have made significant investments in CET so that we can deliver smart tools that addresses the demands and challenges that our design partners encounter.... Read More

December 09, 2020

Interior Design Magazine Names Hobsen Lounge as Best of Year Honoree

Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year (BoY) is a design awards program dedicated to the year’s best products, projects, and people.... Read More

November 16, 2020

Announcing New Dynamic Products and On-trend Surface Materials

National introduces an assortment of new products that further enhances their portfolio and ability to deliver essential solutions. ... Read More

June 30, 2020

New Smart Symbols Added to CET

Providing our partners with the tools to support real-time design solutions is a key initiative of our product development process.... Read More

April 05, 2021

“People Are Not Cars” – Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Episode three of Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast has been released. Entitled “People Are Not Cars”, this episode takes listeners back to the days you could be “Dancing in the Streets”... Read More

March 08, 2021

"What You Don't See" - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

Kimball International’s Alternative Design Podcast recently released its second episode entitled, “What You Don’t See”.... Read More

February 18, 2021

Kimball International Announces Launch of Alternative Design Podcast

The Kimball International family is proud to announce the creation of the Alternative Design Podcast - a new podcast focused on empowering creatives to improve the human experience through the spaces they design.... Read More

May 05, 2020

Return to Work

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation continues to develop around the world, we would like to share how our teams at National with the support of our parent company Kimball International are diligently focused on your continued service.... Read More

March 04, 2020

HearingLife Chooses National to Execute Rebranding

Due to exceptional growth and acquisitions, HearingLife is transforming over 500 United States locations as a part of its Global Rebranding Project. The primary purpose is to create a leading, international retail culture with a consistent vision and shared direction, that could be carried across all markets.... Read More

December 19, 2019

National Partners with James Blair Middle School to Accommodate 21st Century Learning

Williamsburg and James City, Virginia, make up the jointly operated school system of Williamsburg-James City County Public School. Due to an increase in enrollment, their existing James Blair Middle School was at capacity. This influx of students, due to the growing population, led them to realize that they needed a new facility.... Read More

December 16, 2019

Interior Design Magazine Names Four National Products as Honorees for their Best of Year Award

Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year (BoY) Awards is the industry's premiere design awards program, honoring the most significant work of the year as well as recognizing designers, architects, and manufacturers from around the globe. Now celebrating its 14th year, Interior Design's Best of Year has become the ultimate measure of excellence, showcasing what's happening today in every category of design while simultaneously setting the bar even higher for the future.... Read More

December 10, 2019

National Announces a New Brand of Ancillary Furniture, Etc.™

With a focus on up-to-date, curated collections, National’s new sub-brand, Etc., gives consumers easy access to the world’s on-trend furniture with the dependability and reliability for which National is known. Etc. celebrates the easygoing style of today’s fresh and globally-inspired spaces.... Read More

December 10, 2019

National Creates Spaces That Facilitate Collaboration for the North Spencer County School Corp.

The North Spencer County School Corporation built a brand new facility to better accommodate its growing needs. The Corporation partnered with National Office Furniture to design spaces that allowed staff and students to embrace 21st Century learning and hold true to its motto of “Shaping Tomorrow Today”.... Read More

November 18, 2019

Announcing New Products+Enhancements

National introduces an assortment of new products that further enhances their portfolio and ability to deliver essential solutions. These new launches are design-driven and continue National’s dedication to merging workstyles with lifestyles by creating spaces where people want to be.... Read More

November 18, 2019

Announcing New Task Seating Introductions

National announces new task seating introductions that join their existing task solutions, creating a robust portfolio. By offering such a thorough range of solutions, National delivers thoughtful design, exceptional comfort, and intuitive functionality. ... Read More

November 15, 2019

National’s Fordsville, KY Facility Earns SHARPS Recertification for Workplace Safety

National’s Fordsville, KY manufacturing facility has been recertified by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARPS) for excellence in workplace safety. Fordsville is one of only fifteen companies in Kentucky that have earned SHARPS status.... Read More

November 07, 2019

National’s Weli Seating Receives Nightingale Award

National announces that its newest seating collection, Weli, has been honored with a Nightingale award at this year’s Healthcare Design Expo. The Nightingale Awards, named after Florence Nightingale, honor new products that are exhibited at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.... Read More

July 15, 2019

National Introduces New Product Solutions

National is excited to introduce a variety of new solutions and innovative enhancements that incorporate comfort, functionality, and smart design. Our newest launch further supports our formula to develop and introduce solutions that enable customers to be productive and stylish, without compromise.... Read More

June 17, 2019

Kimball International Earns Designation as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ Company in 2019

Kimball International, Inc. recently announced its designation as Great Place to Work-Certified. The Great Place to Work organization’s rigorous, data-driven methodology gathers validated employee feedback for a genuine analysis. Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue and increased innovation.... Read More

June 10, 2019

National’s Chicago Showroom Blends Workstyles and Lifestyles

National’s Chicago showroom, located at 325 N. Wells Street, is layered with product solutions and personality, providing a space filled with inspiration. Our curated collection of innovative solutions and personalized touches delivers an escape to those that visit. The showroom features adaptable workspaces that not only focus on productivity, but also on the discovery of how physical and emotional wellness complete an environment.... Read More

March 22, 2019

National Expands CET Extension to Include New Products

CET Designer offers a software solution that simplifies specification, providing dealers and designers the ideal solution for space planning and ordering product solutions. National’s extension contains our complete product offering and our newest product additions. In conjunction with launching new products, the extension has also been updated with new Smart Symbols.... Read More

March 12, 2019

National Receives Governor’s Safety and Health Award

National has been recognized by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet for their outstanding safety and health records. National’s Fordsville, KY, facility received the Governor’s Safety and Health Award because they reached 504,474 production hours worked without a lost-time incident.... Read More

February 28, 2019

National’s Quick Delivery Solutions Deliver in 10 Days or Less

National’s robust program offers a wide variety of product solutions to outfit any space and coordinate with any style, for no upcharge. From private office and open plan areas to reception and collaborative spaces, our complete portfolio of Quick Delivery solutions offers endless possibilities.... Read More

February 25, 2019

National Announces New Solutions

National’s newest product launch is filled with a variety of new solutions that are designed to expand possibilities. From dynamic spaces dedicated to healthcare or education, to locations that are corporate focused or residentially inspired, this ensemble of new solutions supports evolving spaces and emerging needs.... Read More

December 05, 2018

Delgado Seating Honored by Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year (BoY) Awards is a global design awards program that’s dedicated to honoring the year’s best products and projects.... Read More

November 01, 2018

National Introduces 16 New Products and Enhancements

At National, we are driven to design and introduce furniture solutions that are fresh, relevant, and innovative. From residentially inspired comfort and style to products developed for ergonomics and functionality, our new introductions offer essential solutions. We are excited to announce that we have four brand new product introductions:... Read More

October 17, 2018

National’s Strassa Collaborative Tables Named Dean’s List Award Winner

The Strassa collaborative table collection was named a 2018 Dean’s List Award Winner by Private University Products and News Magazine. This award recognizes exceptional products with a dedication to quality.... Read More

October 08, 2018

National Releases White Paper Outlining Teaching and Mentoring Two Generations

National released a White Paper focused on the learning styles of the two generations that can be found in today’s classrooms. Throughout this White Paper, titled Harry and Katniss in the Classroom, the physical and psychological needs of the Millennial generation and Generation Z are addressed.... Read More

October 03, 2018

National Outfits TCALC School with a Variety of Corporate Spaces for Advanced 21st Century Learning

The Topeka Center for Advanced Learning and Careers (TCALC) is an innovative high school program that provides students the opportunity to focus on professional skills like project management, business ethics, time management, teamwork, and creativity. Through a project-based curriculum, students receive authentic exposure to corporate environments while developing the skills needed to succeed in 21st century professions.... Read More

September 27, 2018

National Receives Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in Pollution Prevention

National has been recognized by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) as a recipient of the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. National was awarded this honor in the Pollution Prevention category for its robotic finish technology which was identified as an exemplary and innovative environmental project with measurable results.... Read More

July 10, 2018

National Launches New Home-ing From Work CEU

National introduces a new Continuing Education Unit (CEU) course to educate design professionals on the emergence of residential and hospitality influences into commercial environments. Through their Home-ing From Work CEU, National offers an in-depth, research-based course outlining the workplace shift that’s progressing into the design community. This course is accredited by IDCEC and AIA, and earns designers credits toward fulfillment of their continuing education requirements.... Read More

June 18, 2018

National Announces New Products

National’s newest product solutions integrate residential inspired design, comfort, flexibility, and connectivity. These new introductions and enhancements showcase National’s ability to deliver innovative and relevant solutions for today’s evolving spaces.... Read More

June 11, 2018

National’s Chicago Showroom Showcases New Solutions and Residential Inspired Spaces During NeoCon

National’s Chicago showroom, located at 325 N. Wells Street, showcases how residential inspired style is blending the comforts of home into the workplace. Through Respitality℠ design, National creates solutions that have evolved from the fundamental elements of both residential and hospitality. The showroom demonstrates how lifestyle driven design can be incorporated into commercial spaces to create cozy areas that grant employees the freedom to get comfortable yet stay productive.... Read More

May 31, 2018

National’s Danville Facility Receives Governor’s Safety and Health Award

National’s Danville, KY, facility has been recognized by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet as a recipient of the 2017 Governor’s Safety and Health Award. This award provides special recognition for outstanding safety and health performance and encourages the development of programs designed to reduce and even eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses. National received this award for their 2017 performance of 584,951 production hours worked without a lost-time incident by employees, and recently was presented with the certificate during the 2018 Kentucky Safety and Health Conference. ... Read More

May 21, 2018

National Introduces Grin and Mabel Ottomans

The Grin and Mabel lounge seating collections have been enhanced to include ottomans, extending their versatility.... Read More

May 18, 2018

National Partners with Wentworth Institute of Technology for Furniture Design Competition

National partnered with the Senior Industrial Design Class at Wentworth Institute of Technology for their inaugural Furniture Design Competition. National challenged the class to design and develop furniture or accessories that would allow students to be more efficient throughout their day as they transition between a variety of spaces, including the library, classrooms, apartments, residence halls, and commons areas. ... Read More

May 01, 2018

National Prepares Its Showroom for the 2018 Chicago Show

As today’s environments blur the lines between home and work, National is preparing its Chicago Showroom to demonstrate how casual comfort and commercial durability can reside simultaneously. The 325 N. Wells Street location is currently closed as it’s transformed into a space that embraces residential inspired comfort while highlighting new product introductions.... Read More

April 26, 2018

National Donates Furniture to Vincennes University Jasper

National donated furniture to Vincennes University Jasper (VUJ) to be used in two student lounge areas. Swift and Fringe lounge furniture, Reno lounge seating, Whimsy impromptu seating, and Mio collaborative tables were donated to be used by students in their Honors Lounge and a commons area.... Read More

March 21, 2018

National Receives 2018 Governor’s Workplace Safety Award for Early Intervention Program

National has been recognized by the Indiana Department of Labor for their exemplary efforts to protect workers from occupational safety and health hazards. National received the 2018 Governor’s Workplace Safety Award in the Innovations for General Industry, large-sized company category for their Early Intervention Program. This program encourages employees to report early any discomforts associated with their jobs and avoid repetitive motion injuries.... Read More

March 07, 2018

National's Danville Facility Earns Beacon Award for Dedication to Environmental Protection

National’s Danville, KY, facility has been recognized by the Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership (KY EXCEL) program for their continued dedication to environmental protection. Their Danville, KY, facility was awarded the KY EXCEL Beacon Award in the Performance Improvement category for their noteworthy 20% absolute emission reduction in VOCs for 2016. The Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance awarded National with this honor for their exemplary achievements in the reduction of air pollution.... Read More

February 26, 2018

National’s Fordsville Facility Earns SHARP Recertification for Workplace Safety

National’s Fordsville, KY, facility has been recertified by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) for excellence in workplace safety. Their Fordsville, KY, facility is one of only thirteen companies that have earned SHARP status within the state of Kentucky. ... Read More

February 13, 2018

National Outfits Jardine Elementary School with Unique Furniture Solutions

When considering how to advance their schools into 21st Century Learning, the Topeka School District began the task of creating combined schools that housed multiple grade levels. In the town of Jardine, this meant combining three neighborhood schools into one larger campus. The focus for construction and furnishings revolved around being efficient and addressing the updated needs of today’s students.... Read More

January 30, 2018

National Announces New Products are Now on GSA Contract GS-27F-0034X

To streamline government purchasing of commercial products, GSA accepts products onto their Schedule Contracts. The following new National products have been approved for ordering on the GSA schedule.... Read More

January 29, 2018

National Adds Tellaro Lounge Solutions to Portfolio

National announces a new line of lounge seating, adding to their extensive portfolio of solutions. Tellaro lounge seating is available as a 1, 2½, or 4 seat lounge unit that embodies a modern sofa. Tellaro’s design features tailored cushions and unique sizes that address today’s relaxed commercial furniture needs.... Read More

January 09, 2018

National’s Kozmic Collaborative Collection Receives GOOD DESIGN Award

National’s Kozmic Collaborative Collection has been named a 2017 GOOD DESIGN Award Winner from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, in the Furniture Category. The award is presented to the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world.... Read More

January 08, 2018

National Awarded “Furniture and Systems, Casegoods, Seating, and Accessories” Agreement with Premier

National has again been awarded a Purchasing Agreement for Furniture and Systems, Casegoods, Seating, and Accessories with Premier. Effective January 1, 2018, this three-year contract extension will allow Premier members to take advantage of special pricing and terms, pre-negotiated by Premier for Furniture and Systems, Casegoods, Seating, and Accessories.... Read More

December 22, 2017

National is First Furniture Manufacturer to be Awarded Fitwel Certification

National has been recognized as the first office furniture manufacturing company to become Fitwel Certified. Created by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the General Services Administration (GSA), Fitwel rates workplaces that promote positive health outcomes for occupants. This recognition reinforces National’s commitment to providing a healthy workspace for its employees. ... Read More

December 27, 2017

National’s Fordsville Facility Receives Large Business of the Year Award

National’s Fordsville, Kentucky, facility was honored at the annual awards ceremony for their demonstration of sound business practices, leadership, productivity, and quality. The facility was also honored for its employee relations and commitment to the broader community.... Read More

December 12, 2017

National Receives Best Boardroom Presentation at Design Connections

Interiors and Sources Magazine named National as delivering the Best Boardroom Presentation during their Design Connections event. Collectively, the design professionals in attendance vote to determine which boardroom presentation is the most compelling and informative for each of the markets represented.... Read More

November 28, 2017

Tessera Named Finalist in Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards

Tessera casegoods has been named a Finalist in Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards. This premier design award program honors the most significant work of the year, as well as recognizes designers, architects, and manufacturers from around the globe.... Read More

October 23, 2017

National Announces Innovative Introductions

National adds three seating collections and an upholstery enhancement program to its portfolio. Mabel, Marcelo, and Delgado add European design to National’s broad spectrum of solutions. The new Stitch-it program allows customers to enhance existing products with stitched designs, creating a quilted aesthetic. ... Read More

October 13, 2017

National Donates Benches to the Just Cause Non-Profit Organization

National donated two benches to Just Cause, a community organization whose mission is to assist families in planning and constructing safe and recreational environments. National employees in our Jasper, Indiana, manufacturing facility collected lids that were then recycled into these benches.... Read More

October 03, 2017

National Awarded Blanket Purchasing Agreement from the U.S. Navy

National has been awarded a Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA) from the United States Navy under BPA number N00189-17A-0112. This agreement allows National to provide contract furniture to all Navy installations in the East region, West region, and outside of the Continental United States.... Read More

September 21, 2017

National Receives American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Award

The American Heart Association has awarded National with the Bronze Workplace Health Achievement Index Award. This achievement is bestowed upon companies that take significant steps to build a culture of health in the workplace.... Read More

September 14, 2017

National Recognized as One of America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today Magazine

National has been named One of America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today Magazine, the leading magazine in occupational health and safety in the workplace. EHS Today honored National for its ability to provide innovative solutions to safety challenges and communicate the value of safety to employees and customers.... Read More

August 09, 2017

National Receives REACH Award from Premier, Inc

Premier presented National with the REACH award at their recent Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition. As one of only two organizations to receive the award this year, National accepted this distinction as a top performer and for its growth and support of Premier’s REACH program.... Read More

August 02, 2017

National Receives ISO 14001:2015 Certification

National’s Environmental Management System has been certified to ISO 14001:2004 since 2008 and recently received the upgraded certification to ISO 14001:2015.... Read More

June 13, 2017

National Unveils Products and Concepts in Chicago Showroom

National’s Chicago Showroom hosted hundreds of designers, dealer partners, and industry professionals during their Chicago Show event. ... Read More

May 22, 2017

National Introduces New Casegoods, Product Enhancements, and Surface Materials

National announces the expansion of its product offering to include a new casegoods collection and the enhancement of existing lounge seating, tables, and cushions programs. ... Read More

May 16, 2017

National Receives GEI Seal of Endorsement for Essay, Fold, and Whimsy

Three National products have earned the Global Educator Institute (GEI) Seal of Endorsement, placing them as among the best teaching products available today. ... Read More

May 05, 2017

National Employees Donate Shoes to Soles4Souls

Across the nation, National’s employees collected new and gently used shoes to donate to Soles4Souls. Our manufacturing facilities, HQ, Design Facility, and showrooms collected over 1,100 pairs of shoes. ... Read More

April 28, 2017

National Launches CET Designer Extension

National now has a free, National-branded hybrid extension on CET Designer, giving the ability to easily insert any of our products into projects. Our extension, containing all National series, can be downloaded from Configura’s Marketplace.  ... Read More

March 28, 2017

National Outfits UAB Medicine Facility with Its Robust Offering

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Medicine was challenged to create a new facility for their billing and patient services teams, call center, and patient access departments. The existing 193,000 square foot facility needed to provide employees with individual workspaces, as well as training spaces and open collaboration areas.... Read More

February 20, 2017

National Introduces Kozmic and Maneuver Collaborative Collections

National Office Furniture introduces inspiring and innovative solutions that bring fresh design and functionality to their portfolio. Their new Kozmic and Maneuver collections focus on interaction and bringing people together.... Read More

February 16, 2017

Facilities and Showrooms Collect Cards for St. Jude

At all of National’s facilities and showrooms across the nation, we collected cards to donate to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.... Read More

January 17, 2017

National Outfits Makerspace with Unique Product Solutions

Southridge High School’s newly designed makerspace challenges students to be more creative and develop their problem solving skills. ... Read More

January 04, 2017

National Recognized as a Top Brand in Contract Magazine Survey

What a great treat to have on our desks when we returned from the holidays! National was named as one of the top recognized brands within 7 categories of Contract Magazine’s 2016 Brand Report.... Read More

December 30, 2016

Interiors+Sources Magazine Names National as Best Presenter

The “Design Connections – Education” event, held by Interiors+Sources magazine, is an event that connects education designers with industry contacts to exchange ideas and share the latest in new products. During this event, Christine Gould (A+D Rep, Chicago) and Lisa Schmidt (Learning Marketing Manager) had the opportunity to interact with many A+D professionals that focus on the education market.... Read More

December 23, 2016

Drive for Charity Event Raises Money for Crisis Connection

Employees at our National Headquarters participated in a Drive for Charity event to provide gift cards to our local Crisis Connection.... Read More

December 23, 2016

National Employees Give Back

During the holiday season, some members of our leadership and HR teams donated their time to help with Home Instead Senior Care’s “Be a Santa to a Senior” program. ... Read More

December 19, 2016

Happy Holidays

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Holiday season. Whether you are braving the cold and enjoying snow, or keeping warm in sunnier places, we want to send you our holiday wishes. You’ve been a dear partner to us and we look forward to what’s in store for 2017. We wish you peace, success, health, and happiness throughout the holiday season and the year ahead.... Read More

December 08, 2016

Farrah Seating Wins Interiors and Sources Readers’ Choice Award

Each year, Interiors and Sources Magazine hosts a Readers’ Choice Award contest for categories ranging from carpet and wallcovering to furniture and textiles. We are excited to announce that our Farrah Seating won the "Best Furniture" category and will be featured in the upcoming Interiors and Sources’ issue. ... Read More

December 01, 2016

MeTEOR Education Names National a Gold Partner

National was honored with a Gold Partner Status award from MeTEOR Education. Top suppliers are rated by MeTEOR Education based on their sales support, operational excellence, growth potential, and product innovation. ... Read More

November 14, 2016

National and Gensler Release White Paper About Designing Headquarters

National Office Furniture released a White Paper about the process of designing and outfitting their new Corporate Headquarters. National partnered with Gensler, a global research-based design firm, to develop a Pre-Occupancy Survey and a Post-Occupancy Survey to gather metrics on how employees felt in their current workplace, the criticality of various work styles, and suggestions for workplace improvement. ... Read More

November 14, 2016

National Introduces Alloy Benching

National’s newest introduction balances the need for personal space with the desire to collaborate. Alloy benching is a lighter scale series that meets the demands for seated and standing height workspaces, as well as double and single-sided configurations. By allowing users to be near each other, but still have their own distinct space, Alloy makes interaction effortless.  ... Read More

November 08, 2016

Farrah Lounge Collection Named Finalist in Interiors & Sources Readers’ Choice Contest

Interiors & Sources Magazine has named National’s new Farrah lounge collection as a finalist in their Readers’ Choice Contest. This contest highlights the latest and most innovative products in the market and asks readers to vote for their favorites.  ... Read More

October 24, 2016

National Introduces New Lounge and Tables Collections

National Office Furniture introduces Farrah seating and tables, Grin lounge seating, and Footings collaborative tables. These three new introductions further expand upon National’s dedication to bring innovative products to the marketplace. Farrah, Grin, and Footings address today’s ever changing workplace and evolving work styles. ... Read More

October 17, 2016

Coming Soon – Alloy Benching

Alloy benching bridges the gap between offices and open plan by balancing personal space and the need to interact. This lighter scale benching series offers options to meet the demands for seated and standing height workspaces, as well as single-sided configurations. By allowing users to be near each other, but still have their own distinct space, Alloy makes interaction easy and effortless.... Read More

October 11, 2016

National’s Boston Showroom Receives LEED-CI Silver Certification

National is pleased to announce that their Boston Showroom has been awarded LEED-CI Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).... Read More

September 28, 2016

National Announces New Volunteer Time Off Program

National recently announced a new company-wide Volunteer Time Off program (VTO). National Gives Back allows employees to use paid time away from work to help positively impact their community. ... Read More

September 26, 2016

Danville KY Facility Earns Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program Award

National’s Danville, KY, facility earned the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARPS) from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).... Read More

September 19, 2016

National Sponsors NFL Play 60 Event to Reverse Childhood Obesity Trend

National is proud to have sponsored and volunteered at the National Football League’s “Play 60” event. For the second year in a row, employees volunteered and encouraged kids to be active to reverse the trend of childhood obesity. ... Read More

September 12, 2016

Chicago Showroom Builds Skills and Relationships with Chicago’s Youth

National’s Chicago showroom was transformed into a playground when we hosted the 2nd annual Refortify event. This three-day event was organized by two local non-profit organizations (Breakthrough Urban Ministries and Refortify Group) and brought over 200 architects, designers, vendors, and visitors into our space. ... Read More

August 19, 2016

National Visits These Upcoming College Career Fairs

During August and September, National will hit the career fair circuit. We’ll be visiting five colleges in Indiana on a whirlwind tour to recruit our next employees. From arts and sciences based career fairs to technology and industrial, we are searching for individuals to join our team. For additional information about open career opportunities, visit Read More

August 06, 2016

National Supports Employee Participation in 5K Run/Walk

Over 100 National employees participated in the 2016 Jasper Strassenfest Wettlauf. During this 5K race/walk, employees were joined by their friends and family and all enjoyed a great morning of fitness. As a part of National’s continued dedication to wellness and health, this is the 5th year in a row that National has covered the entry fee and provided employee participants with a National team shirt, in addition to the Wettlauf shirt. This event is another great example of staying active, supporting community events, and sharing the great personality of National.  ... Read More

July 26, 2016

National Recognized as a Gold Level Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association

National has been recognized as a Gold Level Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association. This is the third year in a row that National has been recognized by the AHA for helping employees eat better and move more. Through the Fit-Friendly Worksite program, the American Heart Association is working to change corporate cultures and motivate employees to increase their activity levels. “At National, we value employee wellness. By offering onsite health and wellness screenings, company sponsored yoga and exercise classes, and health club reimbursement programs, we incorporate wellness opportunities daily,” said National’s Angie Kleinhelter, Director of Human Resources. “We are proud and excited to earn this honor and to be recognized by the American Heart Association as a Gold-Level Fit-Friendly Worksite.” ... Read More

July 26, 2016

National Receives Continuum of Care Award and Horizon Award from Premier, Inc.

National has been honored with two awards from Premier Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company. National was recognized with the Continuum of Care Award and the Supplier Horizon Award.... Read More

July 26, 2016

National Office Furniture Headquarters Earns Green GOOD DESIGN Award

National’s 50,000 square foot Corporate Headquarters, located in Jasper, IN, recently earned the Green GOOD DESIGN Award. This prestigious distinction is presented to the world’s most important and influential examples of sustainable design. Award winners are judged on innovation, sustainability, and ecologically responsible design, among other requirements.  ... Read More

July 15, 2016

National Office Furniture Creates Virtual Reality and 360ᵒ Experience

National is the first within the furniture industry to introduce a 360ᵒ Virtual Reality (VR) video tour that provides users with an interactive showroom adventure. Users of the technology can tour the National Corporate Headquarters and get in-depth views of product solutions. This technology allows users to engage with National’s culture and view product applications, in high definition, from any angle. Through VR technology, guests are immersed in National’s Corporate Headquarters and experience a guided, real-life film tour. By viewing the video with a VR headset or other VR device, such as Google Cardboard, the user has an interactive 360ᵒ virtual reality view of the HQ. This allows the user to “transport” to the Jasper, IN, facility and enjoy an in depth look at the architecture and furniture. Users without a VR device can also take a 360ᵒ video tour of the space from a computer, tablet or smartphone by visiting ... Read More

June 07, 2016

New Site Launched has been revamped and refreshed. The site includes a myriad of new product images, increased functionality, and responsive design. Enhanced images can be found throughout the pages of the site, including individual product images and entire room scenes. The updated and modern color palette creates inspiration with a fresh, new vibe. With the launch of the new site, innovative functionality has also been added. Enhancements include a new Revit/CAD symbols library, improved navigation, and seating upholstery filtering options, just to name a few. The responsive design allows visitors to enjoy a consistent experience, no matter what type of device they are using. The site will automatically adjust to look fabulous on phones, tablets, and computers.... Read More

May 17, 2016

Greg Meunier Named Vice President of Global Operations

National announces that Greg Meunier has accepted the position of Vice President of Global Operations. In this role, Greg will have responsibility for the organization’s manufacturing facilities, supply chain, engineering, finish operations, continuous improvement, and safety. With over 27 years of experience in operations within Kimball International, this promotion combines Greg’s abilities in manufacturing and continuous improvement with his proven leadership abilities and passion for improved performance. Most recently, he served as Director of Casegoods Operations, with responsibility for the Santa Claus, IN, and Fordsville, KY, facilities. The Vice President of Global Operations is a critical role as National continues to progressively expand their global presence. National has experienced exceptional growth and this role will continue to fuel successes moving forward. Greg’s experience and determination will continue to drive National’s reputation as an operationally superior company, producing great products, on time, and damage-free.... Read More

May 16, 2016

Kimball International Earns Great Place to Work Distinction, Twice

Kimball International, Inc., the parent company of National Office Furniture, has been recognized as a Great Place to Work, for the second consecutive year. This distinction is based on a survey of employees throughout the company’s brand units and across all aspects of the business. Policies, practices, and demographics were evaluated and employees were anonymously surveyed to measure their employee experience. “Our company’s Guiding Principles are the foundation of our organization and have stood the test of time. As stated in those principles, Our People are the Company. We are proud, once again, to be recognized with this certification. The employee feedback we receive from this process helps us identify continuous improvement opportunities with our focus on being the employer of choice in each community in which we have operations,” said Bob Schneider, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kimball International.... Read More

May 11, 2016

“Creating Spaces Where People Want to Be” Video Wins Telly Award

The video production company that produced our “Creating Spaces Where People Want to Be” video has won a Telly Award for our video.... Read More

January 19, 2016

Mio Collaborative Tables Honored by Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year (BoY) Awards recognizes the best and brightest in the design industry in categories from furniture to flooring to textiles.... Read More

January 11, 2016

National Recognized as Platinum Level Fit-Friendly Worksite for 2015

We are excited and proud to announce that we have been recognized as a Platinum Level Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association, for the second year in a row! ... Read More

January 11, 2016

Essay Seating Wins Platinum Award for New Product of the Year

Essay seating has been recognized by College Planning & Management Magazine and School Planning & Management Magazine as a Platinum Award winner in their 2015 New Product of the Year contest! ... Read More

January 11, 2016

Corporate Responsibility Magazine Names National's HQ as One of the Most Sustainable Corporate HQs

Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine released its 2015 list of the Most Sustainable Corporate Headquarters, and our Corporate HQ is on the list.... Read More

January 08, 2016

Kimball International Recognized by Forbes

Our parent company, Kimball International, Inc., was recognized by Forbes as a trustworthy company in 2013, 2014, and 2015.... Read More

December 29, 2015

Fordsville, Kentucky, Facility Receives Entrepreneur of the Year Award

National Office Furniture’s Fordsville, Kentucky, facility received the 2015 Ohio County Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year award.... Read More

July 15, 2015

Kimball International Recognized as Great Place to Work®

Kimball International, parent company of National Office Furniture, has been recognized as a 2015 Great Place to Work!... Read More