September 07, 2022

“Listen with Your Skin” – Alternative Design Releases New Episode

Sound is more than what we hear in our ears, it’s what we feel with our entire body. In Episode 16, Listen with Your Skin, we rethink acoustic design as we explore everything from vibro-acoustic nightclubs and generative music to ancient Egyptian sound chambers. Instead of a distraction to get rid of or absorb with dense panels and soft furnishings, what if we embraced sound as a design tool that could create better human experiences for everyone?  

Join us as we discuss vibro-acoustics with Gen Cleary, a Wellness Entertainment Sound Producer for some of the world’s most notable nightclubs and Founder of the HUM, an exhibition launched at this year’s SXSW that joined music and vibro-acoustic therapy for an immersive healing experience. We also talk to Jon Otis, Founder of the Object Agency and Professor at Pratt, who’s research and personal passion on the relationship between space and sound offers new ways of experimenting and implementing these alternative sound ideas in the built environment. 

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