July 06, 2022

"Paper Sanctuaries" - Alternative Design Podcast Releases New Episode

In this episode of the alternative design podcast, we're talking about the world's forgotten victims, also known as climate refugees. There will be massive amounts of people who will be forced to move their home, their family, and their community to a safer location due to climate change. Some of them will have the choice. Others won't. But what we need are alternative design solutions like floating cities and paper partition shelters that will offer them a place to belong. We're chatting with Pritzker Prize winning architect, Shigeru Ban, Chief Engineer at Oceanix, Matteo Pietrobelli, and Senior Fellow at the Sustainability Innovation Lab at Colorado Boulder, Gunars Platais.

The story of Ioane Teiotia was told based on the facts presented by these news sources.
Foreign Policy
BBC World News
BBC World News
BBC World News

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