Supplier Diversity


National's mission is to seek out and actively engage with a full range of diverse suppliers on a global scale. We embrace the importance of supplier diversity and support building partnerships with small businesses. We will continue to grow and expand on this important segment by focusing on Veteran, Minority, and Women owned business enterprises (MWBEs) as a value-added strategy. We are dedicated and committed to supporting innovation that flows from diversity in our supply chain strategy. Our focus will be on development and engagement committed to empowering minority enterprises. Annually, we set goals with the intent to spread a portion of spend among these businesses.


Since its inception, National has been providing high quality, innovative furniture at an exceptional value. Office furnishings must not only bring comfort, productivity, and exceptional value; they should provide a means for creating personal expression that reflects an organization's vitality and the unique personalities of the people within. Our product offers options that range from contemporary to traditional with price points that satisfy the top executives, middle managers, open workspaces, conferencing, and reception areas. We pride ourselves as being “a great one-stop shop” and providing exceptional design at a great value. We want every customer to know as part of our organizational culture, we take Diversity into consideration in every step as we design and produce our products.


Business will be awarded to the most competitive supply partners without regard to race, religion, or sex. When two supply partners bid the same, and one of the supply partners is a minority business, consideration will be given.

National's Supplier Diversity program


The National Diversity Leadership Team is made up of the Director of Global Supply Chain, Global Supply Chain Compliance Coordinator, Director of Sales Operations, Sales Support Manager, and the Government Contract Manager.

This team communicates and implements initiatives that result in a "Best-in-Class" Diversity/MWBE business development process that is linked to our vision and guiding principles. Our strategic focus will be on the following:

  • Achieve annual growth in our Diversity program
  • Be recognized as a leader in external supplier management as it relates to diversity and MWBE utilization.
  • Integrate Diversity into our business planning processes and competitive bid process giving preferential focus to those that represent minority business.


National constantly seeks new diverse sources of supply for materials, components, and services from a range of small businesses able to provide quality products and services in a timely and competitive manner.

Identification of small businesses is developed utilizing the following resources:

  • National Office Furniture website
  • Participation in trade fairs and industry meetings
  • Advertisements in industry and local publications
  • Local and national associations with councils of the business resources
  • Small Business Administration website
  • Competitive bid process
  • Feedback from our customer base

The administration of this program will be under the direction of our Global Supply Chain Compliance Coordinator, whose duties include the development of policies and procedures to ensure success of a plan that is acceptable to all federal, state, and local/municipal government agencies, to coordinate and maintain a database and records in support of the plan, and to search diligently for qualified minority, female, and veteran-owned businesses.

National firmly endorses and supports the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs and ensures continued commitment for the successful achievement of this program.


At National, we recognize that a healthy, open, and diverse supply chain enhances all of us; there are many untapped opportunities for all involved with a fair and open policy on Diversity.

For more information about partnering with National Office Furniture contact Marcie Rumfelt, Global Supply Chain Compliance Coordinator at 812.634.3521 or email Marcie Rumfelt.

We are proud members of the local chapter

Mid-States Minority Development Council