Collette delivers residential inspired design and commercial durability.

With the flexibility to accommodate today’s evolving spaces, Collette’s lush pillows and relaxed sit transport users between casual comfort and commercial style.
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Collette Accessories



Collette Lounge Seating

Coordinating Products

Product Range

One Seat Lounge, U-Leg N84L1UA
One Seat Lounge, Square Leg N84L1A
One Seat Lounge, Left Arm N84L1L
One Seat Lounge, Right Arm N84L1R
One Seat Lounge, Armless N84L1M
Two Seat Lounge, U-Leg N84L2UA
Two Seat Lounge, Square Leg N84L2A
Two Seat Lounge, Left Arm N84L2L
Two Seat Lounge, Right Arm N84L2R
Two Seat Lounge, Armless N84L2M
Three Seat Lounge, U-Leg N84L3UA
Three Seat Lounge, Square Leg N84L3A
Three Seat Lounge, Left Arm N84L3L
Three Seat Lounge, Right Arm N84L3R
Three Seat Lounge, Armless N84L3M
Corner Left N84IN9L
Corner Right N84IN9R
Corner Diagonal N84IN9D
Ottoman, 30", Square Leg N84D1
Ottoman, 30", U-Leg N84D1U
Ottoman, 36", Square Leg N84D2
Ottoman, 36", U-Leg N84D2U
End Table, Square Leg, Laminate Top N84T36ENL
End Table, Square Leg, Corian Top N84T36ENS
End Table, U-Leg, Laminate Top N84T36ENUL
End Table, U-Leg, Corian Top N84T36ENUS
Magazine Table, Square Leg, Laminate Top N84T60MGL
Magazine Table, Square Leg, Corian Top N84T60MGS
Magazine Table, U-Leg, Laminate Top 84T60MGUL
Magazine Table, U-Leg, Corian Top N84T60MGUS
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