Dental Associates

Milwaukee, WI

The Design Plan

Dental Associates has over a dozen locations, including their recent expansion into the Downtown Milwaukee area. The historic 53,000 square foot Iron Block building was restored and renovated to house new clinic space as well as the corporate headquarters. The building consists of seven impressive levels, spanning from corporate offices, conference rooms, and training areas to dentistry consultation areas, patient waiting rooms, and clinic spaces. The challenge was to find furniture which matched the character of the Iron Block building.

The main lobby and patient waiting spaces feature the beauty and comfort of National’s lounge furniture. Demsky focused on creating spaces that make guests feel welcome and comfortable, while incorporating contemporary flair to mirror the iconic Iron Block building.

Configurable furniture was needed to meet the changing demands of collaborative spaces so Jiminy and Reno seating along with WaveWorks tables create the winning combination. Fringe lounge furniture, configured as banquettes, and WaveWorks tables with Aurora seating complete the corporate lunch room. Conference rooms, private offices, and shared workspaces feature Casbah, Renegade, and WaveWorks casegoods along with Exhibit Wall Rail.


The Results

The Iron Block location of Dental Associates houses a state-of-the-art, multi-story clinic and a flexible, tailor-made corporate facility to meet current and future needs. Solutions from National Office Furniture reflect the style and design of the remarkable historic building and create a comfortable atmosphere for patients and corporate employees.

“I wanted upscale furniture to convey the

grandeur of the space.

The furniture needed to match our comfortable contemporary patient spaces that were warm and inviting.”

Mike Demsky, AIA, Dental Associates