Orthopaedic Associates

Albany, GA

The Design Plan

With over 43 years of serving the Albany, Georgia, community, Orthopaedic Associates was not only in the market for a new building, but also for a space that enhanced the patient experience. The challenge for Orthopaedic Associates was to seamlessly house all their services under one roof while providing excellent patient flow and comfort.

With a variety of spaces and specialties to accommodate, the company felt that a mix of National products would best serve their desired flow and function while seamlessly transitioning from conference and break rooms to reception and waiting areas as well as private offices and administrative spaces with aesthetic and functional ease.Orthopaedic Associates studied their patient flow for over five years as it wasn’t just about the footprint, it was also about visually communicating comfort and confidence. Furniture selection was critical to the design’s success.

“The thing we were so taken with was the look of National. It represented the look we wanted. And the installation went great.

There was no damage and everything showed up on time.

We just had a great experience.”

Cheryl Boyles, CEO


The Results

"It was very important that we improved the patient experience, because after all, it’s all about the patient," Boyles added. With a 100% improvement in efficiency and a building and interior that truly reflects their vision, Orthopaedic Associates and National look forward to serving the Albany area for many years to come.