The way the world is thinking about learning has changed. We're redefining the places we learn, both in conventional settings and now more than ever, the home. As educational institutions transition back to in-person learning, we've developed a comprehensive platform of return to learning resources, including a research summary, critical focus checklist, and a gallery of product solutions to inspire you about what’s ahead. We hope that these tools aid and support administrators, staff, and students alike.

Together, we'll craft the now, the near, and the next.

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Our Differentiators

At National, we realize furnishings play an important role in bringing comfort, agility, and durability to learning spaces. Now, more than ever, your focus and efforts are on returning students and faculty safely and promptly to your school or university. There are plenty of distractions in today’s schools, and furniture shouldn’t be one of them. Turn to National and experience these key differentiators:

Industry-leading Lead Times

10 Day Quick Delivery Program

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pricing Includes Freight

New Social Distancing Product Collection

Competition Discount Agreements Available

Flexible, Mobile Products

Research Summary

Redefined Learning Environments

At our core, National has always found value in listening to and learning from others. This research summary features extracted quotes and essential topics needed to inform as learning environments are redefined. We share these key learnings in the same spirit of cooperation that’s inspired us so many times since this pandemic began.

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Preparing for Students and Faculty


Creating institutions of learning which offer comfort and wellbeing to students, faculty, administrators, communities, and society at large takes thoughtfulness and preparation across all aspects of the school or university. Consider people, place, and process to deliver the best outcome.


Students and instructors are the linchpin and foundation of every learning institution. Districts and campuses which put people’s health, safety, and overall needs front and center will emerge faster, stronger, and more resilient.

When administrators, faculty, students, parents, and others re-enter schools and universities, they will undoubtedly expect it to have changed to ensure heightened safety. However, they will also desire for it to remain a place of community, inspiration, and shared purpose.

Institutions which engage with their stakeholders to plan the future are best positioned to clearly articulate the new roadmap of streamlined internal processes and procedures. This engagement can deliver an experience where learners can thrive, and staff can do their jobs with confidence and excellence.


Retrofit and Redesign

The world is changing, and we are taking action to respond. The issues at hand are complex and will require thoughtful consideration around the physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing of students and faculty. National's value, design, and lead times are the perfect complements to retrofit and redesign learning spaces.

Learning Spaces


Gathering Spaces


Administration Spaces