Evolving Learning Spaces



Peace of Mind

Learning spaces are designed to support students, faculty, and staff throughout their time on campus. But, beyond those attending the school, facilities create a sense of comfort for the communities in which they thrive and the families of the students and staff. By providing safe and comfortable spaces, schools and universities can encourage learning while being mindful of current restrictions and new mindsets, putting everyone at ease.

National offers a human-centered approach to reintegrating into learning spaces. By intensely focusing on wellness and providing solutions that enable the evolution of education, we can meet the needs of entire educational facilities. From commons areas to study spaces to classrooms, our solutions bring a sense of safety and peace of mind.


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Communal Engagement

Gathering is about coming together, learning, laughing, and discovering in ways that surpass virtual interactions or social networking. These dynamic spaces provide a location to socialize and connect or relax and focus. Communal spaces are a necessity for schools and universities to establish fellowship and connections that are the basis for learning. Our flexible furniture solutions accommodate the spectrum of activities that occur in shared spaces.


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Purposeful Solitude

An essential element for all learning facilities is the need to accommodate heads down time. When focus and alone time are needed, these spaces provide a location to concentrate, study, and unwind. By offering solutions that provide visual and audio privacy, these nooks and study spaces offer respite from the usual hustle and bustle. Providing a mix of these spaces allows students to find the right space to accomplish all of their tasks.


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Promote learning and collaboration with furniture solutions that accommodate in person and digital situations. Offering spaces that align with our new realities gives students the confidence that they can effectively balance physical and digital learning. Hybrid areas allow for social distancing while encouraging a culture of collaboration, without having to be physically together. Technology solutions play a vital role in creating successful hybrid spaces by enabling seamless interactions.


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By providing furniture that can easily be arranged and rearranged, schools and universities are prepared for an influx of students or everchanging needs. This freedom gives instructors the opportunity to create stations for interaction and collaboration, as well as heads down and focus areas. Moveable elements such as modular furniture or space dividers and screens provide practical solutions for a variety of spaces. Incorporating these adds flexibility and easily accommodates evolving needs.


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What Sets Us Apart?

Furnishings play an important role in bringing comfort, agility, and durability to learning spaces. Now, more than ever, your focus and efforts are on returning students and faculty safely and promptly to your school or university. There are plenty of distractions in today’s schools, and furniture shouldn’t be one of them. Turn to National and experience these key differentiators.

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