We’re redefining the places we work—the office, health, education and now more than ever, the home. We will retrofit your existing products, redesign your spaces, and reimagine what’s next. As changemakers, we have a history of reinventing ourselves. We embrace the unknown and empower the human spirit through integrity, determination, and an eye toward what lies ahead. Together, we’ll craft the now, the near, and the next.

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Crafting the Now, Near, and Next

Inspired by the Pecha Kucha format, this brief video shares National’s comprehensive Return to Work story, point of view, and resource toolkit in under 400 seconds. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we share these key learnings in the same spirit of cooperation that’s inspired us so many times since this pandemic began.

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Preparing for the New Mindset

People, Place, and Process

Few times in history have there been enormous changes on a global scale like we see today. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed each of us in ways not yet fully understood, and the psychological effects will unfold over time as we begin to return to our daily personal and professional lives. Though we still have much to learn, placing the wellness of people at the heart of any return-to-the-office response will be critical to business success.

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Redefining the Future of Work

The world is changing, and we are taking action to respond. The issues at hand are complex and will require thoughtful consideration around employees' physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. National's value, design, and lead times are the perfect complements to workplace readiness and employee wellness. From the office to home, and all of the in-between places, we are reimagining what's next and redesigning future spaces.


Retrofit and Redesign

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Product Resources


Research Summary

The Redefined Workplace Research Summary

Our Collective Path Toward The Future.

At our core, National has always found value in listening to and learning from others. From the office to the home and places between, we are reimagining what’s next and redesigning the future. Committed to helping employees thrive, we’re actively developing products and solutions that support work, wherever it happens.

This research summary features extracted quotes and essential topics needed to inform the evolving workplace. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, these core considerations have helped shape our return to work framework. We share these key learnings in the same spirit of cooperation that’s inspired us so many times since this pandemic began.

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Workplace Readiness

Preparing the Workplace for Your Employees

A Checklist for a Healthier Office

  • Prepare the Workplace
  • Manage Access + Flow Within Buildings
  • Create People-Focused Guidelines
  • Office Cleanliness
  • Ensure Social Distancing + Safety

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