ME Spaces

Purposeful Solitude

When working alone or working alone together, ME spaces must support individual focus work while giving employees a sense of grounded security. As employees return to the workplace, offering an ecosystem of thoughtfully designed and socially distanced spaces will be crucial in supporting their need for user choice. A wide range of available ME spaces that incorporate cleanable surfaces, visual privacy, and enhanced acoustics can also help employees take an active role in their workplace wellness.

Whether a work pod, focus space, workstation, quiet room, or enclave, our solutions can help drive productivity up and stress down.



National understands that many of us are going through a workplace transition and are still tasked with being productive and involved. To help with this, we’ve created several vignettes that are perfect for the remote worker. These solutions are designed to make at-home spaces as productive as their at-work counterparts. Our products span a variety of sizes, functions, and styles, so you can easily customize your at home office for epic productivity. Contact Customer Service for at home delivery options. Some vignettes can be shipped directly to your doorstep, for a minimal fee.