Deliver fashionable style and superb comfort.

Delgado offers distinctive elements that make a dramatic impression. Its clean lines and crisp details are enveloped by rich wood or tailored upholstery to create an intriguing seating collection.
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Coordinating Products

Product Range

4-Prong High Profile Base N53GU4HM
4-Prong High Profile Base, Wood Back N53GW4HM
4-Prong Low Profile Base N53GU4LM
4-Prong Low Profile Base, Wood Back N53GW4LM
4-Prong Wood Base N53GU4HW
4-Prong Wood Base, Wood Back N53GW4HW
5-Prong Mobile Base N53GU5LMC
5-Prong Mobile Base, Wood Back N53GW5LMC
5-Prong Mobile, Height-Adjustable N53GU5LAMC
5-Prong Mobile, Height-Adjustable, Wood Back N53GW5LAMC
Rocker, N53GUMD
Rocker, Wood Back N53GWMD
Sled Base N53GUMD
Sled Base, Wood Back N53GWMD
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