Kozmic Collaborative Collection

Create a collaborative environment with Kozmic’s unique combination of seating and tables.

The Kozmic collaborative collection is a versatile solution for open plan spaces. With a combination of spines, seating, and tables, Kozmic provides the ability to configure a solution that is comfortable for sitting, leaning, standing, and perching. Interact, focus, power up, or touch down with Kozmic.
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Kozmic Collaborative Collection

Kozmic Collaborative Collection

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Product Range

Inline Spine
Single Seat
Double Seat
L-Spine with Seat
120° Spine
120° Spine with Seats
T-Spine with Seats
120° Impromptu Mobile
Mobile Impromptu Bench
Bistro Table
120° Worksurface
Wedge Worksurface
Rectangular Worksurface
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