At National, we like to create environments where people can grow and learn and ultimately do things smarter and better every day. For a design professional, we have a variety of industry topics that are designed to increase your knowledge. Check out the information below to take advantage of one of these learning opportunities. Contact Design@NationalOfficeFurniture.com for more information.

Designing for High Impact Learning Spaces

Education is being disrupted by a number of factors, including shifting expectations and the impact of new technologies. Schools are looking at their roles through a new lens. Leaders are rethinking the environments of the past, which were somewhat controlling and placed students in the role of passive learner. They now have a vision of education that is freeing, and encourages active participation. New teaching approaches demand new kinds of learning spaces to prepare today’s students for the future. As content becomes more dynamic, schools and universities are looking at how that content is delivered and what types of changes need to be made in learning spaces.

We invite you to join in on the journey, as we share insight into these evolving learning spaces. Our CEU was developed in partnership with Nancy Sturm, a Principal Consultant at the Sextant Group. Nancy is a nationally-recognized thought leader in creating transformative learning environments and is a former Science Teacher of the Year, as well as past Executive Director of NASA’s Challenger Learning Center.


True Colors

Just as no two snowflakes match, there are many variations between fabrics—and those differences are important. The fabrics around us, those that we’re seeing and feeling against our skin, influence our thoughts and behaviors. This course will include the scientific research linking particular elements of fabrics to certain responses in humans. We’ll cover the psychological effects of seeing particular colors and patterns as well as feeling textures against our skin. We’ll talk about how fabrics can help achieve desired outcomes in a variety of different spaces.

The True Colors course was developed in partnership with Sally Augustin, PhD, a practicing design psychologist, specializing in person-centered design, and a principal at Design With Science. 


Performance Fabrics 101

This course is an overview of the use of Performance Fabrics on commercial furniture. It includes information on 6 key attributes of Performance Fabrics, how the attributes can be achieved, and why they are important in real life applications. Content includes common brands of fabric or treatments which contribute to meeting the key attributes. Fabric samples will be utilized during the presentation to help support key points. 


BIFMA e3 Sustainability Standard and level® Certification: An Overview

This course is meant to give a high level summary of the BIFMA e3 Sustainability Standard and the level® certification program. The course includes an overview of the content which includes Scope, Structure, Elements, Prerequisites, etc. as well as information on the third party level® certification process.