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National warrants that each piece of furniture will be free from defects in workmanship given normal use and care for as long as you, the original customer, owns and uses the product. This warranty applies to products manufactured and sold in North America.

Normal use is defined as the equivalent of a single shift, 40 hour work week. In the event that a product is used more than normal use, the applicable warranty period will be reduced to 12 years and items that fall under different warranty limitations, as listed below, will be reduced to one-third (ex: Wood chair frames will be 4 years instead of 12 years). National, at its option, will repair or replace with comparable product any product, part or component shipped after September 1, 2000, if the claim is eligible under the conditions of this warranty.

Limitations to this warranty include:

Twelve Years Wood chair frames.
Ten Years Seating controls, veneers and laminates.
Five Years High wear parts such as electrical components, polymer based components, pneumatic cylinders, swivel arm pads, casters, chair glides, textiles, foam, covering materials and decorative trim.

This warranty does not apply to:
  • Damage caused by a carrier.
  • Normal wear and tear which are to be expected during the period of ownership.
  • Appearance, durability, quality, behavior, colorfastness or any other attribute of COM (Customer's Own Materials) or any other non-standard National material (including Arc-Com, Stinson, Maharam, Momentum, and Ultrafabrics) specified by the customer after application to a National product.
  • Color, grain or texture of wood, laminate and other covering materials.
  • Non-compliance with installation and maintenance instructions.
  • Damages or failures resulting from modifications, alterations, misuse, abuse or negligence of our products.
Gotcha™ 24 Hour Use Seating
Warranty on Gotcha 24 Hour Use models must be made within 5 years from date of purchase on seating controls and pneumatic cylinders and 2 years from date of purchase on casters, textiles and foam.

National warrants all Engineer-to-Order products to be free from defects in workmanship given normal use and care for 3 years of single shift service.

Please follow the procedures described below to process warranty issues:
  1. Contact National Customer Service and provide them with the warranty number from the product in question and the purchase order number or acknowledgement number and a detailed description of the warranty issue. Warranty numbers are mandatory before the claim can be processed.
  2. Customer Service will determine and pre-approve all resolutions to the claim such as replacement units, service parts, labor and repair charges. Upon approval, resolutions will be assigned an authorization number.
  3. The authorization number must be included on all invoices for reimbursement. Any unauthorized charges will not be the responsibility of National.
As the manufacturer of your furniture, we stand behind our craftsmanship and pledge to do everything we can to resolve any problems you may have within the terms of this warranty as quickly as possible.

There are no other warranties except as expressly set forth above, either expressed or implied including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. We exclude and will not pay consequential or incidental damages under this warranty.